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Maia is a new game from indie developer Simon Roth

Manage your colonists and build a prospering community

Try not to get them killed




In 2113 the human race began its first extra

solar colonisation program

One of the targets of this endeavour was maia



You must excavate an underground

colony to escape the hostile surface

of the world

You must mine minerals for construction

build rooms to house, feed and

entertain your colonists, defenses

to protect them from dangerous wildlife and

research sources of power, water and food



Up to 2km x 2km of procedural world

Complex colonist AI

Dark humour

AAA Quality graphics

Water and Lava simulation

Cellular Atmosphere

A simple minimalist UI

Inspired by 1970s sci-fi

Intricate defense systems

Bi-polar androids

A first person mode

Open data for modders